Best Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Which Is the Best Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids?

There are not few those who are looking for a useful home remedy for hemorrhoids. This condition affects millions of people all over the world, and, although the market is stuffed with products addressing it, they either provide temporary results or only address part of the symptoms.

Time and research have shown that the best home remedy for hemorrhoids when suffering from them are finding as much as possible about them and combining medical treatments with home remedies and lifestyle changes.


Basic Facts about Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

The first step in identifying a home remedy for hemorrhoids is understanding what caused them and how they affect your body. According to experts, hemorrhoids represent dilatations of the venal system which collects the blood from the anal and lower rectal regions. They are also known as piles. In other words, the veins in that region start to swell, creating local inflammation. There are two types of hemorrhoids, depending on their location:

  • The ones located in the rectum, which are also called internal hemorrhoids;
  • The ones that develop under the anal skin tissue, known as external hemorrhoids.

They are very common, affecting especially pregnant women, obese and adults over 50 years of age. While most sufferers prefer a personal hemorrhoid treatment, there are also people who choose more invasive procedures, like surgical removal.

However, before you can make such a drastic decision, you need to obtain a diagnosis, to find out exactly where your hemorrhoids are located, what caused them and how serious they are, and that is something only a doctor can and should do.

A safe way of treating hemorrhoids would be fighting its causes. For example, since hemorrhoids usually affect obese people, if you suffer from them and you are overweight, you could get rid of the problem by losing a couple of pounds.

If you are predisposed to constipation, you should adjust your diet in order to prevent it: for example, you can drink green tea or ginseng tea.

Here are several suggestions that could work together to compile an efficient home remedy for hemorrhoids.

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods. They can actually be considered the main home remedy for hemorrhoids, because they prevent constipation, decrease the straining sensation and help you eliminate gas.
  • Take fiber supplements. Combined with a balanced daily diet, they will help you reduce the symptoms, including the bleeding.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and tea. They will keep your body properly hydrated and, at the same time, soften your alimentary bowl and help it pass through the digestive tube and be eliminated more easily.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods. Studies show that people with a sedentary lifestyle or jobs that involve sitting are more prone to develop hemorrhoids and get rid of them more difficult.
  • Do not strain. Go to the bathroom when you feel the need to, otherwise the stool will harden and become harder to eliminate, causing friction and even bleeding in the process.
  • Stay fit. Physical exercises keep you in shape and ease the bowel movements. Also, they reduce the pressure of the vessels and make you stay up, instead of sitting down.
  • Soak regularly in warm water. 10-15 minutes baths will soften the skin around the rectum, clean it thoroughly and comfort the pain. Don’t forget that proper hygiene of the area is vital to prevent infections and lower pain.
  • Use ice and cold compresses to against inflammations and pain. Although apparently uncomfortable, they provide very good results.

In order to complete your hemorrhoid relief, you will need a topical treatment, a cream or suppositories based on hydrocortisone or sprays acting as local anesthetics, but consult your doctor before buying them and read the instructions regarding dosage and use carefully.



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