What Is The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment?

What Is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment?

In order to discover the best hemorrhoid treatment, you should follow some simple steps that will help you deal with the problem, alleviate the symptoms and make your life more comfortable.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

First of all, you need information, you need to know exactly what hemorrhoids are and get rid of that feeling of embarrassment, which is, let us admit, out of place. Hemorrhoids are a condition which affects millions of human being in the entire world, so you are neither the first nor the last person looking for the best hemorrhoid treatment.

Although painful and uncomfortable, this condition is not life threatening, so you have no reasons to worry. If you treat it and you follow some basic prevention rules, you will never again have to deal with it.

According to medical books, hemorrhoids represent the dilatation of the anal and rectal veins, due to the high blood pressure in that region. Vascular walls are elastic, but, when there is a permanent factor of pressure, they cannot revert to their initial dimensions and remain enlarged. In consequence, the phenomenon of blood stasis occurs, which is the main cause of further inflammatory processes. In the next stage, the local tissue starts swelling and the rectal veins increase their lumen so much that they sometimes tend to protrude to the outside.hemorrhoids.treatment



Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids:

  1. Internal – They are less painful, and most people are not aware of their existence, but they frequently lead to bleeding if they are irritated. If left untreated, they can grow and develop into more severe forms;
  2. External – They are below the dentate line and they are prone to thrombosis, because the stasis of the blood can create clots.

It is difficult to say which the best hemorrhoid treatment is, because there are two different approaches to the problem: treating the cause, and treating the symptoms. As far as the cause is concerned, the best treatment would address:

  • Constipation;
  • Irritated bowel syndrome;
  • Cirrhosis;
  • Portal hypertension;
  • Diverticulitis;
  • Dehydration;
  • Bowel malformation, such as stenosis.

The best hemorrhoid treatment for the symptoms should address:

  • Annoying itching sensations;
  • Pain when sitting down;
  • Inflammatory tissue;
  • Bleeding if the hemorrhoids tend to worsen or there is a high pressure in the venous system;
  • Discomfort;
  • Constipation.

All these symptoms can become very difficult to put up with and significantly influence the sufferer’s lifestyle and mood.

The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

As soon as you realize what your problem is, you should surpass any feelings of embarrassment or frustration and visit your doctor, to assess how serious the problem is and trigger its cause.

Secondly, you should make some significant changes in your daily diet plan. People who are suffering from constipation should add more fibers to their diet. That can be easily accomplished by eating more fruits or vegetables with high fiber content. Fibers ease bowel movement and decrease the frequency and the intensity of gastrointestinal cramps.

Also, adequate water intake is very important. Fluids soften the food bowl and contribute to its elimination. The recommended amount of water is of two liters a day.

Thirdly, it is recommended to use moisturized wipes instead of regular toilet paper. Toilet paper usually has an abrasive texture and may irritate the hemorrhoid and the swollen nearby tissue, leading to local bleeding and increasing discomfort and pain.

Wet wipes, on the other hand, besides being a lot gentler, they also ensure a better cleaning of the rectal area and, therefore, improved hygiene.

While you doctor will certainly prescribe some medicines for you, the best hemorrhoid treatment often comes from Mother Nature, so don’t forget to drink herbal teas, use local homeopathic moisturizing creams and take long, warm baths. See WebMd if you want more information on the nature of hemorrhoids


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